National park closure scare at deepwater

FEARS Deepwater National Park will close to the public are unfounded according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA operations manager for Capricornia region Peter Moore assured residents that moves to close road reserves in the park would not prevent public access.

“There is no proposal to physically close the Wreck Rock Road, simply to transfer responsibility for the existing road to the EPA from the council,” Mr Moore said.

Rumours have been rife in Agnes Water and Baffle Creek after the EPA posted notices at the entrances to the park earlier this month notifying the public of the proposal to close some roads.

Residents feared the closures meant access to the park too would be closed and the camping grounds and picnic areas would be lost to the public.

But Mr Moore said the closures were mostly a matter of legal paperwork, not physical closures of old roads, and dealt with some roads that no longer existed.

He said the closures were merely the closing of old access tracks and land parcel boundaries that were in existence before it became a national park.

“I would expect if this approval goes through, that people would see no change to the access to Deepwater National Park,” he said.

He said there was a plan to include the esplanade in the park, but it would not affect access.

“The proposal to include the esplanade in the park is really to prevent people from damaging the dunes by camping or driving on the esplanade as it exists,” he said.

The NewsMail understands Gladstone Regional Council deputy chief executive officer Cale Dendle held public meetings on the issue to alleviate public concern, but that council was not consulted before the notices went up.

There is no proposal to physically close the Wreck Rock Road

Peter Moore

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