Nasty surprise in the mail

WHEN most people think of unwanted items in a letterbox, an unexpected bill or annoying advertising is what springs to mind.

But for Australia Post, letterbox nasties can prove much more sinister — such as a firecracker that was let off in a Mimnagh Street post box at the weekend.

Australia Post Bundaberg Delivery Centre acting manager Mark Randle said the device not only damaged mail, but could have injured a postal worker.

“We had a similar incident late last year where there was a soda bomb found unexploded in a letterbox,” Mr Randle said.

“It posed a serious threat to the employee, who could have been badly hurt if it went off.”

It is believed the post box near the corner of Faldt and Mimnagh Streets, Norville, was vandalised some time between 2pm on Friday and 2pm on Monday.

Australia Post spokesperson Simone Kurtz said luckily only two items were damaged by the firecracker.

“Vandalism incidents genuinely affect the community and our people, and it is something that we take very seriously,” Ms Kurtz said.

“The cost to local residents can be significant and difficult to quantify. People may have to resend letters and in some cases items of sentimental value, such as photos, may be lost forever,” she said.

“Dangerous items such as the firecracker used in this attack or a soda bomb, which was used in a vandalism attack on a street posting box in the area late last year, can also affect the safety of our people who collect the mail from these boxes.”

Ms Kurtz said the incident has been reported to local police, who were investigating the matter.

However, she asked Bundaberg residents to help keep a watch on their local posting boxes for any changes.

Tampering and interfering with Australia Post’s street posting boxes is an offence under the Commonwealth Criminal Code and can carry a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

Anyone with any information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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