Mysterious billboard message captivates Bundy

BAD BOY: Like every other motorist, journalist Mikayla Haupt wants to know what Kris did.
BAD BOY: Like every other motorist, journalist Mikayla Haupt wants to know what Kris did. Mike Knott BUN220917BILLBOARDBIM

REVENGE is a dish best served four metres high and for all road-users to see.

The doomed relationship of Kris and Bindi has been splashed across a billboard along the Ring Rd, with others placed throughout the Wide Bay.

Talk of the billboards has gone viral as drivers desperately try to figure out the details of the jilted lovers.

Which was just what print company Chameleon Group anticipated.

General manger Leif Mikkelsen said the billboard was a campaign designed by them to investigate the relationship between traditional and new media.

"We are very happy with the response, it was huge,” he said.

"We sat down and refined the message with the website and social media team so that it was something that could get people's attention and make it so people who researched it to find out more would find our website.

"It's brand awareness, but it is boring to just put up Chameleon Group.”

Every word was chosen specifically to optimise online engine searches to threads to the company's website.

"Within three weeks of launching the sign in Hervey Bay there was over 3000 visits to our website,” Mr Mikkelsen said.

"Someone in Hervey Bay posted it to a Buy, Swap and Sell Facebook page and it received 400 comments.

"It proves people are looking at billboards and there is a relationship between new and traditional media.”

Mr Mikkelsen said the first billboard company they approached rejected the project, but the next jumped at the idea, as they were eager to see the results.

The back story and scandalise pictures on the website read: "It seems that in the wake of his company almost tripling in size almost solely thanks to some genius marketing, Kris and his newly enlarged income has attracted the eye of a young woman. Much to the despair of his wife of seven years, Bindi.

"Ironically, the Chameleon Group produced both the marketing of his company, as well as the billboard, designed to shame him to all passing motorists.”

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