Crop circles truth is out there

A firm believer in healing energy, Kerri Kahl would like to meet like-minded people to discuss ideas and beliefs.
A firm believer in healing energy, Kerri Kahl would like to meet like-minded people to discuss ideas and beliefs. Max Fleet

KERRI Kahl is so fascinated by crop circles she recently made a trip to England to see and study them for herself.

Now she is hoping to form a group in Bundaberg to study the phenomenon and exchange information on these mysterious artefacts.

Crop circles are intricate patterns that appear in cultivated fields in many countries, with no real evidence of who or what is responsible for them.

Although they started out as simple circular patterns the crop circles have become increasingly intricate, involving multiple circles and elaborate pictograms.

Ms Kahl said she accepted that some of the circles had been made by hoaxers.

“Some have been made by men, but on those you can actually see where the boards have been pushed around and the marks on the plants,” she said.

“But in the real ones you can actually see how the corn stalks have been braided and weaved.”

Ms Kahl said some of the crop circles were very large, three to five football fields long.

“When we were there the army was set up next to it and had helicopters flying over,” she said.

“It looked to me like they were keeping an eye on it.”

Ms Kahl said she had no idea what made the crop circles.

“What they've been trying to prove is whether it's extraterrestrials or just some sort of energy from the Earth,” she said.

Ms Kahl, who practises Reiki and crystal energy healing, said she visited several crop circles near Stonehenge because she believed they were all linked.

Ms Kahl said she planned to advertise for anyone else in the Bundaberg region who was interested in the phenomenon to contact her.

“I believe if you visualise something long enough it will happen. I'm now going to envision going over there in two years with a group from Bundaberg to study the crop circles further,” she said.


One of the earliest reports was in Lyon in 815AD, and a late 16th Century woodcut depicts the devil mowing a field into patterns.

They began to appear in significant numbers in the fields of southern England in the mid-1970s.

Early circles were quite simple, and simply appeared, overnight, in fields of wheat, rape, oat and barley.

The crops are flattened, the stalks bent but not broken.

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