The Lagoon at Springfield
The Lagoon at Springfield

Mum's warning after repulsive act at Springfield Lagoon

A MUM who received an unsolicited photo of a man's penis via Bluetooth at a popular family destination has warned others about the incident.

Allana, 27, said she was at the Springfield Lagoon on Friday when she was sent a file on her mobile phone via Bluetooth.

"I was at the lagoon with my kids, and my Bluetooth is always on because I connect to the car," she said.

"I received a file and I clicked on it and it uploaded really quick and then I pressed open and then this penis came up."

"My partner was right next to me and I said 'oh my God, look at this - what the heck?' I deleted it in an instant without even thinking."

Allana said just before the incident, she noticed a man standing near her.

"There was really no-one else around. Then he was in and out of the bathrooms," she said.

She said her partner reported the incident to a lifeguard and security.

Allana said it was only after the incident that she discovered she could choose to only receive messages from contacts.

She also said she was concerned a child might be exposed to the same material.

"I'm 27 and I was repulsed by it, and there are always kids around with phones," she said.

"Don't open files and turn off that option."

After receiving the image, the man that had been near her went into the toilets then ran off.

"People said why did you open the file, but you wouldn't think someone would do that in such a public place," she said.

"Without sounding awful, it was a little white penis," she said.

"I just didn't even think. I was like 'Arrgh! Disgusting! Delete.'"

"I'm an adult, I can handle it a bit. What if I was a kid? That's what freaks me out."

A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said the offender could be facing a range of offences.

"In line with other jurisdictions across Australia, using a mobile device to transmit certain images or videos may constitute a range of State and Commonwealth offences," he said.

"Police do have technical capability to identify the sender of an image (via Apple AirDrop or text) and will investigate reported offences."

The spokeswoman said police encouraged all members of the public to take all necessary steps to ensure privacy settings are activated on all online applications and mobile devices.

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