Mum delivers baby in main street

WHEN Steven Bechly turned up for his night shift at the Gin Gin ambulance station on Tuesday night, he had no idea that he would be delivering a woman's baby in the town's main street.

Mr Bechly got a call about 9pm, saying the woman was travelling from her Horse Camp home to Bundaberg Hospital to give birth.

"She was having too many full contractions," he said.

Mr Bechly made the quick decision to meet the parents outside the police station on Mulgrave St, just as officers returned to the station from a job.

"I loaded her on to the stretcher and into the ambulance, and said to Leah (the police officer), 'want to give us a hand delivering the baby?'" he said.

Within five minutes, the woman had delivered a baby boy, but Mr Bechly said there had been a minor complication with the birth.

"There was a little bit of drama because the cord was wrapped around the (baby's) neck, so I unravelled it and the baby started crying as soon as he was born," he said.

"That's the most relieving part of it - when the baby starts breathing for itself straight away."

The ambulance officer said it was such incidents that made him appreciate his job.

"When everything goes right, it is a very rewarding part of the job," Mr Bechly said.

Mum and baby, along with dad, were first taken to Gin Gin Hospital for the necessary checks before continuing on to Bundaberg Hospital for the night.

Gin Gin police Constable David Shooks said it wasn't often that something as exciting as Tuesday's dramatic episode happened outside the police station.

"It was something sweet for the night," Const Shooks said.

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