MP 'used Wikipedia for report'

THE federal Labor MP Craig Thomson took a $24,000 taxpayer-funded overseas study trip to Europe and the US; and then plagiarised much of his report to the Australian government and Parliament - presenting speeches by overseas officials and outdated Wikipedia articles as his own work.

A compilation of overseas travel reports tabled in Parliament on the authority of the Special Minister of State, Gary Gray, last month also concealed Mr Thomson's failure to submit his report within the 30-day deadline set by the rules that govern MPs' overseas travel. Mr Thomson's report was submitted more than four months late.

The Labor MP for the NSW electorate of Dobell spent at least $23,899 of his overseas travel entitlement on a 42-day tour, from March 26 to May 8, visiting Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and the US.

Mr Thomson subsequently sent Mr Gray a travel report titled The Global Financial Crisis - The European and US Experience - Lessons learnt and future expectations.

More than two-thirds of the report's 33 pages, including most of its analysis and commentary, has been cut and pasted from internet sources.

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