MP Leanne Donaldson.
MP Leanne Donaldson. Paul Donaldson BUN041116DON2

MP slams LNP plan for fast train

WHILE local and state LNP members are going clickity clack along the track with their plans for a Very Fast Train to be built for the Wide Bay and the rest of the south-east of Queensland, Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson isn't on board.

Ms Donaldson said Tim Nicholls' "pie in the sky very fast train is nothing more than a stunt".

The LNP proposed a business case for a south-east Queensland Very Fast Train network linking the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay and LNP Leader Tim Nicholls said $2.5 million would be committed to the study as it was vital the government planned for future growth.

The advanced infrastructure would have those people who are travelling to the south-east corner down in two hours and be back in two hours, according to Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett.

Despite committing $2.5 million, Ms Donaldson fears that won't be an easily attainable sum for Mr Nicholls, saying he's already racked up a multi-billion dollar list of promises.

"He's already got $18 billion in unfunded promises - how is he going to fund this?" Ms Donaldson said.


MP Leanne Donaldson.
MP Leanne Donaldson. Mikayla Haupt

"According to Federal Government estimates, high speed rail costs $65 million per kilometre.

"This proposal is straight from the script of Utopia - great for a headline but completely empty of substance."

Mr Bennett said key infrastructure in the Wide Bay was well overdue and the connectivity between the Wide Bay to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast is a huge step forward which will create unbelievable opportunities for the region.

"Let's make no mistake, there's only one party talking about key infrastructure projects in the Wide Bay and Burnett," he said.

"I couldn't be more excited that the Wide Bay is being included in key infrastructure project announcements."

Ms Donaldson hit back against the claims, telling the NewsMail the Palaszczuk Government is focussed on listening to the community and building the infrastructure Bundaberg needs.

"This year alone we're investing $649 million in infrastructure for the Wide Bay region and directly supporting more than 3000 jobs," she said.

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