MP calls for State Government to fix power woes

ELECTRICITY prices in Queensland have come under fire from one federal MP, who says he is urging the state government to intervene and make the situation better for businesses and families.

Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd pointed to the "comparatively high price of Queensland electricity against other states as evidence that action needs to be taken to address the situation".

"If you compare the price of electricity in New South Wales and Queensland, you see that down south they get electricity 35 per cent cheaper than we do," Mr O'Dowd said.

"In Victoria, the problem is even more severe, because their prices are 65 per cent cheaper than ours!

"I am appealing to the Queensland Government to recognise the destruction the rising electricity prices are having on families and businesses all over Queensland."

Mr O'Dowd said he wrote to the new Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia, Josh Frydenberg, asking him to come to Gladstone and listen to nervous residents.

He said it was important for Mr Frydenberg to understand the nature of the situation.

"There is concern for possible job losses, and I want to look at options for federal intervention," Mr O'Dowd said.

"The current situation is intense and causing panic among the community."

Mr O'Dowd said Gladstone was home to several major industries that have felt the brunt of a record six year low in the price of commodities.

Mr O'Dowd said he believed cheap electricity was vital to keep these industries afloat, and he intended to raise the issue until something was done to alleviate the pressure on businesses.

"I want to know why our electricity costs so much more than in other states, because it is doing damage when the resources sector is already at rock bottom," he said.

"It is critical for industries in my electorate that they have cheap, affordable power, and it is absurd that we are exporting resources to other countries that have no natural resources, but cheaper electricity than us."

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