FRIENDS of the RSPCA dog foster coordinator Nicole Allison says there's a big problem in Gladstone with pig hunters mistreating and abandoning pig dogs.

She says most pig dogs don't get past the pound with only a few ending up under her care.

Because a lot of the dogs are mistreated, Friends of RSPCA can't take the risk of fostering out pig dogs to willing families.

"It's hard to tell if they're pig dogs because we don't know if they're coming from a pig hunting owner," she said.

"But we see pig hunting breeds like Bull Arabs or Wolf Hounds get dumped a lot because they don't work out for the owners."

Recently Nicole has seen a lot of Bull Arab pig hunting dogs advertised as "giveaways" on Facebook.

"It's not good because they go from one bad family to another," she said.

But Australian Pig Doggers and Hunters Association spokesperson Tristan Thompson doesn't think it's fair to label all Arab breeds as pig dogs.

"Just because they're a big dog doesn't mean they are a pig dog," he said.

"If the shelter is full of Labradors does that mean they're all guide dogs?"

He said a proper pig dog would be better trained, more loved and obedient than other smaller pet dogs.

Either way, Nicole says she has to be very careful with what dogs she accepts and if a dog appears aggressive she won't take it in.

"If someone comes in and they're after a big guard dog or whatever and we see they've got pictures of dead boars on their Facebook profile we won't rehome them," she said.

At the moment the dog adoption centre is at capacity with 40-50 dogs ready for adoption.

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