ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME? Meerkats at Snakes Downunder.
ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME? Meerkats at Snakes Downunder. mike knott

More than a mere cat encounter at Snakes Downunder

THEY may not be in the new Lion King, but the three meerkats at Snakes Downunder are in for a big change this school holidays as they could be encountered by you.

If you want to do more than just see the meerkats, Imu, Otavi and Leo, at Snakes Down Under Reptile Park and Zoo, now you can.

The Childers-based zoo has recently offered an opportunity for visitors to engage in a meerkat encounter with prior booking. Snakes Downunder's Ian Jenkins said visitors can now sit on a chair within the enclosure with their hands on their lap, under a towel while food is placed on the towel and the meerkats climb up.

He said they don't like to be patted as such, hence the towel.

Mr Jenkins said it's a constantly evolving interaction, but one he doesn't think he will ever tire of.

There are two session for meerkat encounters, one is at 9.30am and the other is later in the day at 2pm.

Mr Jenkins said as it is a food enticement interaction, they have to be timed sessions, they can't be feeding them all day. Despite being early in the school holiday period, Mr Jenkins said there had already been good numbers through the zoo.

To book in a meerkat encounter, phone 41263332 or message their Facebook page.

Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo is on 51 Lucketts Rd, Childers.

Mikayla Haupt