YOUR SAY: America is unwilling to address gun laws

"IN REGARD to the latest massacre in America, it is sad to see that such a large country is unwilling to address gun laws and is quite happy to continue with the right to bear arms so it shouldn't come as any surprise that these events continue to happen. They are not a super power by any means but maybe better classified as super clowns as this is a tragedy bought about their own circumstances that they are happy to live with. I am glad I live in Australia and I know when I drop my daughter off at school she is safe and won't be shot by some gun-wielding radical. And to think the world is worried about Isis."


"Give the teachers guns."


"Another shooting in the USA and again the gun control chooks run around with their heads cut off. Can you please provide figures on how many people are killed with registered firearms against illegal firearms."


"America is just a crazy country. Many other countries including Switzerland and Canada have liberal gun laws yet we don't see massacres there. Mexico on the other hand has extremely tough gun laws, as in Australia, and is a basket case for crime and shootings. Gun laws just keep guns out of the hands of the innocent, the bad guys will still get hold of them."


I'm not condoning gun massacres by any means, just stating some facts. The right to bear arms is part of their constitution. Asking an American to give up that right is like asking an Australian to give up the right to freedom of speech or freedom from religion, so changing their gun laws takes some doing - it's not something their government can just do, unlike ours."


Controversial 1770 development decision spurs robust debate

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Bundy volunteers raise cash for farmers

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