Drunk drivers face court

THE NewsMail publishes the names of all drink and drug drivers convicted in Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

Matthew Ronald CLIFFORD, 37, Childers, blew 0.182, jailed six months, disqualified 12 months.

Daniel James KELLY, 55, Kensington, blew 0.199, probation 18 months, disqualified 15 months.

Jarko LIPP, 28, Woodgate, blew 0.145, fined $800, disqualified eight months.

Mark Geoffrey FOSTER, 22, Bundaberg Central, blew 0.078, fined $360, disqualified two months.

Leisha Annette HEARN, 41, Bundaberg East, blew 0.051, fined $240, disqualified one month.

Robert Anthony SIMPSON, 47, Bundaberg West, blew 0.113, fined $660, disqualified five months.

Matthew William ROLL, 21, South Kolan, blew 0.096, fined $480, disqualified three months.

James Wallace TREE, 35, Monduran, blew 0.054, fined $300, disqualified one month.

Phillip John BAYLISS, 33, Branyan, drugs, fined $960, disqualified eight months.

Mathew Robert ELLIS, 21, Bundaberg Central, blew 0.180, fined $1200, disqualified 12 months.

Tiko JOHNSON, 34, Bundaberg North, blew 0.056, fined $300, disqualified one month.

Nathan William MAIRU, 24, Bundaberg North, blew 0.175, probation 14 months, disqualified 21 months.

Avoiding sting of hidden stonefish

Avoiding sting of hidden stonefish

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