Morcombes confront 'evil, unhuman' killer of their son

DANIEL Morcombe's mother has told the sentencing hearing of convicted killer Brett Peter Cowan that she sees her son lying by himself in that dark bushland being destroyed by wild dogs.

In her Victim Impact statement, Denise Morcombe told her son's killer of a young Daniel who loved animals and wanted to be a vet and who was scared of the dark and often slept on the floor with her.

She told Cowan she could not imagine the terror that Daniel experienced.

``Mr Cowan only you know Daniel's last look in his eyes as you choked him to death but I can only imagine,'' Denise said in her statement read to the court on her behalf.

"My family has been destroyed,'' she said. "We will never recover from that.''

"I hope you have a life of loneliness and are unloved for the rest of your life.''

"Your mistake was that you picked on Daniel.

"That was your mistake, you evil, evil, unhuman thing.

"I hope there will be never be another child to go through what Daniel did.''

Bruce Morcombe told Cowan: "Ten years ago you made a choice that ripped our family apart.''

He said he had been left with the unbearable images of what happened to Daniel.

"Why was he really dumped without clothes? Why was his belt loose and not still looped through his pants? It makes me nauseous for your total lack of respect for a child's life.''

"He was a great kid and would not hurt a fly, you have robbed him of 70 years of life.''

"You picked on the wrong family, our collective determination to find Daniel and expose a child killer was always going to win,'' he said.

"I often wonder about the other victims that you have left in your wake,'' he said.

"I have sat watching you in the same court for close to 40 days. throughout that time you have been completely devoid of any remorse than what you did to Daniel.

"Sitting in the same room as you revolts me. How you sit there day after day almost frozen in the one position is chilling,'' he said.

``Predators like you cannot be rehabilitated.''

He called him a ``perverted, cold-blooded child-killing'' paedophile.

The public gallery applauded as he returned to his seat.

Mr Morcombe said the family had different friends now to in 2003 because they themselves were different.

He said they had to sell their business and suffer through a decade of unanswered questions, constantly wondering whether Daniel would be found.

Daniel's oldest brother Dean Morcombe told the court that nothing in his life would be the same again.

"Not finding a body for all those years definitely took a toll on me,'' Dean said.

He said the thought of his younger brother being sexually abused repulsed him.

"Your complete lack of remorse for killing him is even worse.'"

Dean said he was horrified to hear how Cowan had returned to the Glass House Mountains to chop up his younger brother's skull with a shovel.

Daniel's twin brother Bradley said he had been robbed of his soul mate.

"In December 2003 we had just finished grade 9."

"We were looking to enjoying school holidays together.''

He said the day of his 14th birthday, shortly after Daniel disappeared was horrible.

"Teenage birthdays are supposed to be fun. Something you look forward to. It was not a fun day it was torture.

"Ten years have now past and occasions have not been celebrated like they should have been.

"I will never forget the first night of his disappearance.

He said he slept with his parents in fear.

Bradley said his school grades suffered and he was unable to return to school after Year 11.

"I had become very withdrawn,'' he said.

Brad sad his dreams of becoming a pilot fell apart.

While he said his life had gone on with him getting a house and getting married, he was "not the person I could have been.''

"Brett Cowan your selfish acts have hurt me in ways that no-one could imagine.''


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