ROAD RULES: Mopeds fun, cheap but licence rules do apply

ZIPPY mopeds are landing some motorists in hot water.

Police have cleared up the myths surrounding the fuel-efficient mode of transport in an effort to curb the rising road toll as part of this week's Road Rules Rumours column.

Queensland legislation defines a moped as a motorcycle with an engine capacity that does not exceed 50ml and has a manufacturer's top rated speed of not more than 50kmh.


To legally ride a moped, riders must, at the minimum, hold a C class licence, whether it be a provisional or open licence. Riders with an automatic C class licence may only ride an automatic moped.

"We have seen an increase in the popularity of mopeds over the years, primarily due to how cheap they are to purchase and run," Acting Sergeant Tony Wapp said.

"Unfortunately as the popularity of the mopeds and scooters grows so does the misinformation about the legislative requirements for riding a moped or scooter on a road.

But a ride on two wheels does not mean a motorist can necessarily have a passenger in tow.

While moped riders are only required to hold a C class licence, if they wish to carry a passenger then as the moped is considered a motorbike, legislation requires that the rider must hold an RE or R class licence and have held it for at least 12 months.

The passenger must be at least eight years old and their feet must be able to reach the passenger footrests while seated.

The penalty for taking a passenger for a ride without a motorcycle licence is $78 and no points.

Learner drivers looking to take to two wheels can do so, but the same learner rules apply.

Failing to display an L Plate carries a $188 fine and two points.

Moped learner driving does not count towards the 100 hours requirement.

"The regional road toll for 2015 sits at 34 lives lost," Acting Sgt Wapp said.

"Motorcycle fatalities account for 18% of our lives lost in road crashes."

Do you have a road rule you would like clarified? email and we will ask the questions.

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