TOWNSVILLE'S LNP candidate Casie Scott has become the latest victim of a property crime spree after a "vile grub" was found hiding under her home.

Through the weekend to yesterday morning, 17 homes were broken into and nine cars, including Audis and a Mercedes-Benzes, were stolen across Townsville.

And while police were out raiding homes to find the culprits yesterday, an alleged offender ran and hid in a toilet under Ms Scott's West End home.

"I feel absolutely violated," she said.

"The police were doing raids on the street … I think looking for drugs and stolen cars and this grub was one of them.

"He was running through the suburb and came into my house to hide and he locked himself in my downstairs toilet.

"The police chased him here and arrested him."

She posted a video of the arrest to her Facebook page.

"Absolutely appalled and still shaking a bit, to just get home and find a grub under my house being arrested by two of our fantastic local police officers," she said on the video.

"This is the second time in 12 months that I have had some vile grub in my house where I live with my daughter."

Ms Scott said the crime in the city was having a significant affect on the community, reported The Townsville Bulletin.

"The crime crisis in Townsville is an epidemic, every single person that I speak to has been impacted by crime, either directly or indirectly," she said.

"The mental impact this is having on the people in our city is unbelievable.

"It wasn't even lunch time and these grubs were at it … it's rampant."

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