Up for elimination: Uel and Shannelle.
Up for elimination: Uel and Shannelle. Channel 7

MKR newlyweds Uel and Shannelle to face sudden death again

THEY have sweetness by the bucket load, but it wasn't enough to save Uel and Shannelle from sudden death on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The Sydney newlyweds are up for elimination again after losing two rounds of cook offs against their fellow teams from Sunday's final food truck challenge.

In the first round, the four teams were asked to whip up their ultimate romantic dinner.

"Cooking can be sexy; cooking is the universal language of love," co-host Manu Feildel said.

"So we want you to create your ultimate romantic meal, the dish that makes you totally irresistible."

But just as the teams were about to start cooking the judges threw a spanner in the works.

Only one team member could be hands-on in the kitchen, while the other could only watch and offer advice during the entire 45 minutes of cooking time.

Sunday's winning teams sitting on the jury were divided in their blind tasting on Helena and Vikki's spicy peppercorn sauce.

Even without the potato croquettes it was still an impressive dish considering only one person was able to cook it.

"The elements that did make the plate were beautiful," Evans said.

"That peppercorn sauce packed a punch, I wanted more of it."

They were impressed by Paul and Blair's indulgent seafood marinara.

"Each and every piece of seafood on our plates was perfect, well done," Evans said.

Feildel called it "ooh la la sexy".

While Uel's sweet duck dish won over his new wife Shannelle, it didn't win over all of the blind tasters.

"It was bordering on fine dining," Evans said.

"The duck was on the rare side. Another 15 minutes and you would have hit the heights you aimed for."

Bree and Jessica's poached ocean trout was clearly the weakest dish of the four.

Bree and Jessica stressed in the kitchen.
Bree and Jessica stressed in the kitchen. Stuart Bryce

The fish was cooked inconsistently and the broth lacked flavour.

The jury teams voted to save Paul and Blair while the judges saved Helena and Vikki.

That left newlyweds Uel and Shannelle and Bree and Jessica to face off in a second showdown round.

Both teams had to cook a dish using the decadent ingredient of chocolate.

Bree and Jessica thought their sagging molten cake was sending them straight to sudden death, but Uel and Shannelle's mousse didn't set and was too runny.

"What I love about a molten cake is cracking that spoon on the outside of that cake, breaking it and having that chocolate rushing out like lava. You took that away from me," Feildel said.

"But even an undercooked molten cake still tastes good because of what type of recipe that it is."

While Jessica thought she and Bree had hit an "epic low", their cake that was more molten than a cake barely got them over the line.

While there was plenty of romance between Uel and Shannelle, it didn't end up on the plate.

Their overly salty caramel pushed them over the edge and into sudden death against Josh and Danielle tomorrow night.

"Guys it was a very tough call. Each dessert had some really big faults," Feildel said.

"But what stood out that much was the salt content, and (it was) by that much."

Tomorrow night one of the two teams will serve up a perfect-score worthy dish.


Round 1 Menus

Bree and Jessica: Poached Ocean Trout with soba miso broth and tempura oysters

Helena and Vikki: Beef fillet with green peppercorn sauce and potato croquette

Paul and Blair: Fettuccine marinara with tarragon cream sauce

Uel and Shannelle: Roasted duck breast with peach two ways and potato and fennel puree


Round 2 Menus

Uel and Shannelle: Deconstructed Snickers (chocolate mousse with salted caramel peanuts, almond biscuit crumble and chocolate shards)

Bree and Jessica: Dark chocolate molten cake with hazelnut biscuit crumb and espresso syrup

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