Gatecrashers Carly and Tresne with their entree.
Gatecrashers Carly and Tresne with their entree. Channel 7

MKR gatecrashers give Manu the sauce he's been looking for

POSITIVE vibes helped the first My Kitchen Rules gatecrashers survive the pressures of the competition.

Bubbly blondes Carly and Tresne, from Newcastle, were the first cab off the rank in the reality cooking show's third instant restaurant round, which sees three new gatecrasher teams face off against the three teams with the lowest scores from the previous rounds.

Hoping to inspire their guests with their uplifting instant restaurant theme, Carly and Tresne seemed sure that their positive thoughts would turn into a positive result.

Judge Pete Evans told the girls not dressing their rocket was a "no no" but otherwise their entrée was a good start.

"I thought your tart was abs gorgeous," he said.

"A few little problems, but all in all it's a healthy start."

Although he and fellow judge Manu Feildel both cried out for more goat's cheese.

"My goat's cheese disappeared in two bites," Feildel said.

"I felt the pastry wasn't buttery enough, not flaky enough."

Carly and Tresne wait for feedback from the judges.
Carly and Tresne wait for feedback from the judges.

Chloe and Kelly were like a different team, being much less critical for "strategic reasons" and keeping their world travels to themselves.

And Harry and Christo seemed to get along better with David and Corinne.

Despite their early affirmations of positivity, the relatively minor critiques of their first course appeared to get to Tresne.

The cracks started to show as she burned the bottom of their parsnip puree and admitted to feeling "ill".

But Tresne pulled it together to serve up an impressive main course.

"If I had to score you solely on the sauce, I would give you a 10," Feildel said.

"This is the best sauce we've had in the competition so far.

"Thank you so much for giving me my sauce I've been begging for."

Evans called it "sensational" and the gatecrashers proved they're serious competitors..

"It was like a chef had plated this dish up," Evans said.

"It shows you're serious about this competition. For home cooks you've hit the nail on the head."

Carly was the architect of their multi-layered dessert, which proved to be a bit too sweet.

"My first bite of this dessert was divine and my second bite was beautiful and then my third bite was too sweet," Feildel said.

Tomorrow night Perth "know it alls" Chloe and Kelly will be aiming for redemption with their second instant restaurant.




Entrée: Beetroot tart with goat's cheese mouse and balsamic reduction

Main: Beef fillet with parsnip puree, beetroot and red wine discs and red wine jus

Dessert: Caramel divine

Score: 74/100

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