Mill overtime ban set to continue

MILL workers are set to stand their ground on their current overtime ban, following yesterday's mediation meeting.

Although the Fair Work Australia Commissioner recommended Bundaberg Sugar employees lift their ban, Australian Workers Union organiser Tony Beers said workers were sticking to their guns.

“The unions reject any notion of lifting overtime bans. We've done it in the past in good faith and the company has failed to resolve the matter,” he said.

“The commission has made a recommendation to the parties to convene on Tuesday (for another meeting).”

Mr Beers said the unions' view was to usually accept the commissioner's recommendation - but not in this case.

“Our members will meet our reps to canvass the view of workers, but in no way have we agreed to lift bans because of the behaviour of this company,” Mr Beers said.

“The company should be condemned for their behaviour - the workers will not tolerate bully-boy management.”

Mr Beers said the decision about overtime bans was in the hands of workers to begin with and now remains there.

A Bundaberg Sugar spokeswoman said the company was hopeful workers would follow the commissioner's recommendation and lift the overtime ban before the next meeting.

“It's just a recommendation, so the employees still have to agree to it,” she said.

“Millaquin Mill was shut down at 12.30pm (yesterday) to get ready for the 4pm overtime shift.”

She said the crush was due to restart at 2am overnight with a normal shift.

“Any stoppage at this stage of the crush is lost time,” she said.

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