The old beach house at Elliott Heads. Photo: contributed
The old beach house at Elliott Heads. Photo: contributed contributed

Memories of beach holidays

IN 1969 during the Christmas school holidays my husband suggested we hire a caravan so our children and I could spend the six weeks at Elliott Heads Caravan Park.

My husband was working long hours six days a week which meant he left early for work and didn't arrive home until 7pm or later.

We settled into caravan life, making friends immediately with our neighbour.

The children met up with friends and soon made new ones.

Julie was 12, Glenda 10 and David seven.

While we were at the caravan park an old dilapidated beach house came on the market.

It was a sad sight with a patched up front door and almost no paint.

The house had two bedrooms and a living area, all lined and sealed and lino on the floor.

The front and side verandas were enclosed with louvres but no ceilings.

My husband and carpenter brother investigated the house and decided with restumping and some minor work it could be made habitable.

In the living room there was a fuel stove, sink and kitchen cabinet.

All this for the princely sum of $1850.

We bought the house, then came the job of finding secondhand table, chairs, beds etc.

This was the beginning of many happy holidays at the Elliott.

We had the view of the Elliott River from the front and from the back we looked across to the caravan park and the ocean.

In town it would be so uncomfortable but as soon as we reached the beach with the cool sea breeze we often had to put on a cardigan.

When the school holidays arrived I would have our food and clothes packed so that as soon as the children came home from school they piled into the station wagon and off we would go.

On arrival at the beach house it was al hands on deck.

The stove had to be lit as originally this was our only means of cooking and heating water for our baths.

The groceries had to be put away, clothes brought in beds made and floors swept.

When all the chores had been completed the children would be off to the beach, only to return in time for tea.

In those days it was quite safe for children to roam free.

We had friends who also had a beach house nearby so we were able to spend time with them.

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