Joel "The Natural Transformer" Bushby has helped thousands on their fitness journey. Contributed

Meet the trainer who has transformed thousands of bodies

LOSING weight is no easy feat but Noosa personal trainer and coach Joel "The Natural Transformer" Bushby has helped thousands achieve their goals, sometimes without even meeting them in person.

"I've been a trainer and a coach now for seven years and have been solely online now for three of them," he said.

"I'm transforming and helping thousands of lives of others across the globe everyday.

"I build training, nutrition and supplement regimes for people to follow along with guidance to transform their mind and their body."

Joel designs programs to suit each individual and his results speak for themselves.

"I believe that the results here and the reason that they're so successful comes from my many years of personally working with hundreds of people and learning to suit each individuals program to their needs and lifestyle. They cater for people ranging from extremely high level athletes to the everyday person that has never stepped foot in the gym."

He believed that everyone and anyone can achieve the body of their dreams but they'll need to focus on a little bit more than just exercise.

"I believe that anyone can get fit and healthy if they have the correct guidance, not only with their training and nutrition regime but support and guidance on how to create a positive mindset and way of thinking as this really is number one when it comes to transforming your body or succeeding in any aspects of life," he said.

Joel's top tips for getting the body that you're after are:

1: A positive attitude.

2: Surround yourself with people who want to see you excel.

3: Plenty of good quality water.

4: The correct training and nutrition regime.

5: The determination and willpower to want to be your best.

You can get in contact with Joel via or by emailing