Karlie Jayne Porter shows her engagement ring to Alex Tan.
Karlie Jayne Porter shows her engagement ring to Alex Tan.

Meet the most romantic man on the Sunshine Coast

THIS is how a man who truly loves a woman should propose.

Sippy Down's Alex Tan wanted the moment he asked the woman he planned to spend the rest of his life with to be "something to celebrate".

He spent days planning the most elaborate proposal, involving close family and friends and he had all the finer details worked out on a spreadsheet, because "marriage is worth celebrating".

And he believed Karlie Jayne Porter, the woman he had known since Year 3 but only started dating seven months before the proposal, deserved to be "shown her worth".


Alex and Karlie Tan.
Alex and Karlie Tan. @Georgebowden

The proposal day involved an elaborate treasure hunt; taking Karlie to their special destinations across the Sunshine Coast.

There were "special clues" left for her on rooftops. There were video messages from her close family who couldn't be there captured on iPads at different locations and all the time Alex was preparing for the defining moment when he would ask her to be his wife.

At sunset, she was taken to an abandoned houseboat on the Noosa River in a Canadian canoe where Alex was waiting on the roof with a picnic blanket, fairy lights and his guitar.

And all through the day, Alex had arranged cameras, drones and GoPros to capture the defining moment in the couple's history.

Already the couple's proposal video is gaining thousands of likes on YouTube.

But Alex, a Unitywater community relations officer and History Maker Church youth pastor didn't put the clip up to "boast" or show other people what to do.

"The whole purpose is I really think Karlie is someone worth celebrating," he said.

"I wanted her memory of us being engaged to be the best thing ever

"I wanted to show her her worth. I do see marriage as such a gift God."

The video shows only a snapshot of the amount of detail Alex went into in planning his proposal.

"In the video, you don't see it, but for the whole day I had worked out a treasure hunt with clues taking her from all spots around the Coast that were important to us," he said.

"At each spot a new friend or family member was waiting to hand her a note on where to go to next."

Even the houseboat had significance for the couple.

"We'd hang out in Noosa and looked at these houseboats and joked around about having a date one night on a houseboat," he said.

A week before the proposal he went to the Noosa River to check if it would be suitable to use.

And then, when Karlie arrived at the houseboat on the canoe paddled by a friend, he was standing on top.

"I sat her down and had prepared a 10-minute video for her explaining how I felt and the lead up to the proposal while I stood behind her with a guitar.

"I had filmed myself driving to her parents house weeks earlier asking if I could marry her and when I got back in the car and they had said 'yes'.

"I filmed picking up the ring and all the behind scenes footage and fun clips highlighting our seven months together.

"Then she turned around and I sang her a personal song while trying to hold the tears back.

"I explained how blessed I was to have her and that God had blessed me with such an amazing woman.

"Then I got down on the knee and she said 'yes' four times

"Then everyone on the river was yelling, going crazy."

The couple were engaged on May 21 and married on November 11.


Alex and Karlie Tan on their wedding day.
Alex and Karlie Tan on their wedding day. @Beauxartco

The romance still continues.

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