Keith Pitt opens the Meet the Candidates forum in Hervey Bay at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Monday.
Keith Pitt opens the Meet the Candidates forum in Hervey Bay at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Monday. Blake Antrobus

MEET THE CANDIDATES: Hervey Bay hosts Hinkler forum


Ms Holebrook has asked the candidates on their opinions on changes to negative gearing and capital gains, what they would do differently and how those changes would affect regional markets like the Fraser Coast.

Mr Ellul said he would make interest payments on primary residences tax deductible.

"We'd like to see everyone get into a home," he said.

Mr Pascoe said Labor had announced they would improve housing affordability by changing the negative gearing and capital gains tax.

"Australia has one of the most generous tax property concessions in the world," he said.

Mr Turaga said he wanted to encourage home ownership to youths because "they worked hard for their properties".

"The market will fluctuate, but we really need to work on our kids, our future, and how to make our property market more affordable," he said.

"We need to look at values and growing confidence in buying in the property market."

Mr Pitt said he was stunned at Labor's policy, claiming they wanted to drive down the value of people's homes.

"That is appalling," he said.

"They want to ensure there is no negative gearing for investors... we are absolutely against it."

Ms Jackson said the Greens agreed with Labor's policy on negative gearing, saying negative gearing was excluding youth from entering the property market.

"The greed of some is excluding the poor and making a level of society that just cannot keep up," she said.

"Two properties is enough to get you into the market and keep you going."

Mr Norman said any changes to negative gearing and capital gains legislation would have winners and losers.

"Home values would decrease in some areas quite drastically but I don't see it as a major problem for this region," he said.

"The winners are 90 per cent of the taxpayers that don't have investment properties."


Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce president Sandra Holebrook has asked the candidates how they believe tax policy should be enacted to achieve a more equitable society.

Mr Norman said he was not an expert in all things but said small businesses needed incentives and taxation breaks to grow into bigger businesses.

He said he would work on establishing what local business' taxation needs were and taking them back to parliament and he didn't want to see an increase in GST.

"If we're going to drive business in our economy, we need them (small businesses) to grow," he said.

Mr Ellul said UAP would implement zonal tax to give residents a 25 per cent tax break, increasing the viability of people moving here.

Mr Pascoe said he wanted to see tax loopholes closed for multinational corporations and spruiked Labor's policy to reduce tax rates for small business owners.

Mr Turaga said people couldn't wait years for tax breaks, saying he wanted to see small businesses sustaining the local area.

"You guys need to be rewarded as small business owners in this area, our tax system needs to be looked at for small business to thrive," he said.

Mr Pitt said the LNP's plan was straightfoward: continuing their tax offset arrangements for small businesses and reducing the tax rates to 30 per cent in the dollar for working people.

"This is the fundamental difference between what we are proposing and the Opposition is proposing," he said.

Ms Jackson said the Greens were about closing loopholes for multinationals who pay no tax and ensuring free education.

"We want free TAFE, free education and to abolish HECS to make our workforce sustainable."


HINKLER'S candidates are making their opening pitches at the Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce's Meet the Candidates breakfast.

A packed crowd of businessmen and women have filled the Hervey Bay Boat Club to hear from the candidates.

Incumbent MP Keith Pitt, 'an electrician by trade and farmer at heart" has opened by telling the crowd his campaign is built on a platform of "delivering", referencing the Hinkler Regional Deal and driving down youth unemployment rates.

Greens candidate Anne Jackson, former resort operator at Magnetic Island wants us to turn away from "dirty coal" and focus on renewable energy.

Farmer and Independent candidate David Norman is campaigning on a platform of honesty, integrity and anti-corruption.

Ex-army, candidate Joseph Ellul from the United Australia Party will focus on business and has asked the crowd to consider whether someone with farming and army background and the values that go with those industries would be the man to stand up for them in parliament.

Teacher and Labor's Richard Pascoe has focussed on the need to invest in childhood education and TAFEs to ensure the best future for young people.

Independent Moe Turaga, who opened with "jingle bells, jingle bells" has encouragaed the crowd to relax, referenced his background in building roads and promised to represent the "smaller voices" of the community in parliament.

One Nation's Damian Huxham, AJP candidate Amy Byrne, Fraser Anning's Conservative Party candidate Aaron Erskine and Independent Adrian Wone are not in attendance.

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