Go vegan is the message from PETA, but locals have mixed opinions.
Go vegan is the message from PETA, but locals have mixed opinions. Elena Elisseeva

PETA's call to go vegan inspires letter writers' thoughts

Cut out meat

PRIME Minister Abbott should prove his claim that he's a conservationist - and that he's earnest about saving the environment - by encouraging people to eat vegan foods rather than meat, eggs, and dairy products.

This will help reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources and convince President Obama and the rest of the world that Australia is serious about climate change.

About two thirds of agricultural emissions come from cattle and sheep.

Scientists with Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden recently calculated ways to combat climate change and concluded that reducing meat and dairy consumption is the key to reducing greenhouse gases.

Likewise, Ilmi Granoff from the Overseas Development Institute in the UK, wants officials to forget about coal and cars, saying that the fastest way to combat climate change is to encourage people to eat less meat.

Let's look no further than our own supermarkets to figure out how we can help reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, as well as our healthcare costs and the suffering of hundreds of millions of animals: choose mock meats and other tasty plant-based foods.

Special projects co-ordinator
PETA Australia

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Being vegetarian 

A COMMENT on Des Bellamy's letter 20/06 "cut out meat" - 15 years ago I made the choice to stop eating meat purely from an ethical standpoint, based on fact and truth.

It would be wonderful if others followed suit but their decisions would also have to be based on fact, truth and the desire to make a stand against animal cruelty not on coercion made with flawed information and half truths.

Not eating meat because it will "combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gases" is a manipulated misleading statement presenting only one side of the truth.

Broad-acre farming, monoculture orchards and small crop production all use up massive amounts of resources through irrigation water, power and fossil fuel.

Fertiliser, chemical sprays and machinery emissions pollute land and air.

Add to that an escalated demand for vegetarian produce which would require clearing huge tracts of arable land as grazing land is not suited to these heavy nutrient demanding crops and any benefit from lessened livestock production is negated.

Both eating regimes have negative aspects with neither being blameless.

Choosing to stop eating meat should be done for all the right reasons not because of scaremongering about climate change which it will not alter but because of a conviction that animals also have rights and that cruelty is not condonable.


Conditioned for meat

Re Olga George's letter 9/7.

I abhor animal cruelty, but is it cruel to humanely slaughter baby sheep, calves, cows, pigs, chooks, rabbits and squab?

Just as most of us happily eat all of the above, I try not to think about it, but I do.

I wish I didn't eat animals and birds, but of course I've been conditioned from a young age to do so, and my attempts at vegetarianism have failed miserably.

I wish I had your courage Olga, and totally agree with your comments that to introduce the global warming debate as to whether we eat meat or veges is flawed logic.

Oh well, chicken again tonight.




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