Meade calls out for a girls boxing

BOXING: They all hail from different sporting backgrounds but have joined together under the Bundaberg Hardknox Boxing Club banner with a common goal: to get fitter than ever and get in the ring.

Trainer Tanya Meade opened the Targo Street gym in June, and has had fluctuating numbers of men and women through the doors since.

But a core of six girls make up the numbers in the only female-headed Queensland boxing gym, and Meade wants her small crew to grow.

“I want the girls to become the first all-female boxing team in Queensland. That’s our goal,” she said.

“We want at least 10 girls in the team.

“We get a few coming occasionally, but we want to build on the core we have so we can really start to become a force.”

Former Tamworth boxer Tanya Jonas caught wind of Hardknox when the NewsMail first reported the story.

And, since joining, her passion for the sport has grown.

“Girls were only allowed to fight in New South Wales in July, so it was very hard to get some training there, but since coming to Bundaberg Tanya (Meade) has been awesome,” Jonas said.

“Even in Queensland it’s hard to find a trainer willing to train a girl, so we’re very lucky to have someone like Tanya here.”

Jonas’s main motivation is to get fit, a task made easy, she said, with Hardknox.

“I’ve been a personal trainer in fancy gyms before but I would never go back after this,” she said.

“There are no mirrors and people don’t come to perve on others wearing lycra.

“When you come inside you know you are in for a workout.”

Nine-year-old Hayley Austin is a Tae kwon do convert and does her best to mix it with the bigger girls.

Demonstrating her one-two-duck punch combination, it’s obvious the young gun has her head screwed on.

“I’d like to challenge all the other young girls who think they might enjoy the sport,” she said.

“I love it. It’s great fun and fitness and I hope some other girls want to get in and have a crack.”

Meade encouraged anyone interested to telephone her on 0432 542 395, or come to the gym opposite Melbourne Hotel on Targo Street at 6pm on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday nights.

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