The huge switchboard is loaded with a crane.
The huge switchboard is loaded with a crane. Mike Knott

Engineers load giant switchboard

WORK started at 4am yesterday for Cameron McWha and his staff at MC Switchboard Engineering as they loaded a 6.2 tonne switchboard on to the back of a truck.

The mammoth switchboard, which Mr McWha said was the biggest his firm had built, was destined for the High Street Plaza shopping centre in Toowoomba.

And it had to be in place by last night so contractors can start pouring concrete above it today.

“They’ve basically gutted the shopping centre and this will be the main switchboard,” Mr McWha said.

“It’s basically two 2000-amp switchboards joined together.”

Mr McWha said the giant switchboard was 8m long by 1.5m deep.

“We’ve been working on it for six or seven weeks,” he said.

“We’ve put a lot of time into it.”

MC Switchboard Engineering has been operating in Bundaberg for about 15 years and Mr McWha said it did work for clients all over the state.

The company does mainly industrial work.

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