Maryborough Court House.
Maryborough Court House. Valerie Horton

M'boro Magistrate: DV a crime against our society

"THIS IS not solely a domestic issue... it is a crime against the state and our community."

A 19-year-old father who threatened to kill a teenager while high on ice has been slammed by a Maryborough magistrate.

The Maryborough man, who cannot be identified to protect his victim, pleaded guilty via video link to contravening a domestic violence protection order in Maryborough Magistrates Court on Tuesday. The court heard police were called by multiple neighbours to a disturbance in Maryborough unit complex about 7pm on October 21 after sounds of "smashing" and yelling were heard from outside the home.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Michael Quirk said the man, while under the influence of ice, destroyed a bedroom and yelled abuse at a 14-year-old girl who was protected under the DVO.

"He said he would get his sister to kill the aggrieved," Mr Quirk said.

"He was detained for an emergency examination order due to his indicia, he also made numerous threats to commit suicide and at Maryborough Hospital he was given an injection to make him sleep."

The domestic violence breach was committed one day after the man was given immediate parole for unrelated charges in Maryborough Magistrate's Court. In the previous few months the man breached a suspended sentence, a community service order and a parole order which he was still in custody for.

Defence lawyer Michael Riedel said the man was not a regular user of ice but succumbed to peer pressure.

"He hadn't sleep for a while and doesn't know why he reacted the way he did. He regrets his actions and said he will never use ice again," Mr Riedel said. "He has apologised to the aggrieved and with respects to the threats to kill, his sister is in jail, so there is no possibility of that happening."

Magistrate Terry Duroux said ice was a surge on society. "People who choose to use ice invariably end up in your position, it is extremely worrying," he said.

"Domestic violence is an insidious prevalent and serious problem in our society. Victims are often too ashamed to report the complaint because of misplaced feelings of guilt or responsibility for the perpetrators actions.

Perpetrators of domestic violence often fail to have insight into the seriousness of their offending mainly an entitlement to be behaving that way or at least to be forgiven by the victim and to evade punishment by society.

The man was sentenced to five months jail time with immediate parole eligibility.

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