Mature age travellers enjoy Japan

THE combination of comfort, safety, diverse cultural attractions and picturesque scenery put Japan on the wish list of mature age travellers, according to a survey by Toursgallery.

The Land of the Rising Sun is considered to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Travellers are becoming more aware that there is far more to be experienced in Japan than what can be seen in the main tourist centres.

Japan is clean and safe to walk around, has good food, friendly people, beautiful gardens and a diverse array of crafts.

These are the main reasons why discerning holiday makers love to visit Japan, according to Ken Osetroff, director of Toursgallery, who has been leading small group tours to Japan since 1983.

"Most of our guests are over the age of 40 and appreciate travelling in comfort," Osetroff said

"Our style of personalised tour attracts many mature aged guests who return with us sometimes on three or four different tours to Japan."

Toursgallery only accept 10 to 20 guests per tour, but still provide a private 45 seat coach for touring.

"We take all the hard work and worry out of our guests visit to Japan, with an Australian Japanese tour escort and itineraries designed specifically with the interests of those who are not so young," Osetroff  said.

Itineraries are relaxing with accommodation for two or three nights in spa resorts, top quality western hotels and traditional ryokans.

There are no strenuous activities, just a programme of picturesque and culturally rewarding visits to out of the way places that are not accessible by independent travellers.

Visits to private homes and gardens, pottery kilns, craft and art studios, discovering rural villages and even a private audience with a monk are all part of Toursgallery's soft adventure programme. 

Cherry Blossom Gardens and Art Galleries Tour, Best of Japan in Spring, Grand Tour of Japan, Ultimate Japanese Experience and Hokkaido Nature Tour are all available from Toursgallery. 

For more details phone 1 300 307 317 or send an email to  

Price of these tours starts at $5,388.

For more information visit Toursgallery.

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