Man with 45-page history in court

A SERIAL offender with an “encyclopaedic history” yesterday pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing.

Raoul Humphreys, 35, faced Bundaberg Magistrates Court, where his 45-page history was examined.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Fiona Ward said Humphreys had stolen alcohol from the First Choice Liquor Superstore twice in one day.

He first stole a carton of Pine Lime Vodka Cruisers from the warehouse when he was walking past.

Later in the day, about 2.30pm, he returned and removed a 750ml bottle of Cougar Bourbon from a shelf, hid it inside his clothes and again left the store.

When police located him, Humphreys, who has no fixed address, said he had been staying at a hostel but had been evicted.

“He has an extensive South Australia history of about 45 pages, with 10 dishonesty offences last year,” the prosecutor said.

Defence lawyer Rian Dwyer said despite his client's history, he was still eligible for fines rather than jail.

Probation and Parole officer Greg McMahon also said Humphreys was in the range of a probation order.

“He certainly has an encyclopaedic history,” he said.

“If given the benefit of a community-based order, it would be fairly lengthy. I would submit he report to our office so we can take tight control of the situation.”

Magistrate Jennifer Batts sentenced Humphreys to 30 months' probation.

“Unless you address this matter of offending, you must know periods of imprisonment will apply to you,” Ms Batts said.

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