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Man who tried to get drugs to his jailed brother also jailed

 AFTER his brother was jailed, Bundaberg man Luke Arthur Blackburn was worried for his wellbeing without drugs.

He found a teenage woman who had already been approached to smuggle drugs into prison and gave her marijuana and tablets of the drug subutex.

Authorities recorded Blackburn, 29, speaking to his brother on the phone about how to get the drugs when they were in the prison.

Blackburn pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to supplying dangerous drugs into a prison.

Blackburn also attempted to smuggle to his brother by slipping them to him during a court appearance.

He visited the court beforehand to see if he could slip a Smarties container filled with drugs and a shortened syringe into the dock.

But Blackburn was arrested before he could carry out his plan.

The court heard Luke Blackburn was a drug addict and had been on the methadone program for 16 months.

He was booked into a detox program if he was granted a suspended jail term.

But Judge Anthony Rafter said Blackburn's crime was serious enough that he could not avoid time behind bars.

Mr Rafter said it was "unfortunate" that Blackburn would have to forgo the detox program but jail time was appropriate.

"This was a brazen plan to supply drugs to your brother," he said.

Blackburn was sentenced to 18 months prison. He will be released on parole after serving four months.


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