Four vehicles collided on Quay Street yesterday morning, holding up peak-hour traffic.
Four vehicles collided on Quay Street yesterday morning, holding up peak-hour traffic. Scottie Simmonds

Man trapped in wet road crash

A MAN was trapped by his leg after four cars crashed into each other on Quay Street yesterday morning during a period of wet weather.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Bundaberg station officer Andrew McCracken said the man had been driving a light truck, and the cab was crushed when the vehicles collided about 8.30am.

“We had to use hydraulic spreaders to lift the dashboard and steering column off his leg,” Mr McCracken said.

The man's injuries were not believed to be serious, although he was taken to Bundaberg Hospital with a cut to his leg.

Two other people were also treated for whiplash and minor injuries.

“In wet weather, we always see an increase in crashes,” Mr McCracken said.

Lern-Ezy driving school owner Bryan Pickie agreed, saying many drivers followed too closely, which became a real problem when roads were wet.

“It takes twice as long to stop when it's been raining, because you don't have the traction,” Mr Pickie said.

“You need to leave twice as much space between the car in front — at least six seconds.”

He said it was particularly dangerous at the start of wet weather.

“There is a build-up of sump oil on the road that mixes with rainwater and becomes slime,” Mr Pickie said.

“It takes a while to clear, so it's more slippery towards the start of the day.”

RACQ media relations manager Jim Kershaw said calls for help took a leap when clouds gathered.

But bingles were not the only reason — he said many forgetful drivers were left stranded after leaving their lights on.

“We recommend people put their low-beams on when it's rainy, but do remember to turn them off,” Mr Kershaw said. “Calls for battery failure take a huge jump.”

In the case of particularly heavy downpours, Mr Kershaw said drivers may be better off staying at home.

“It can make visibility and driving conditions very difficult, so you need to weigh up how urgently you need to go out,” he said.

Wet weather driving tips

Slow down

Double your usual following distance

Keep your windscreen and lights clean

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