Samurai sword.
Samurai sword.

Man jailed for Samurai sword assault

A FATHER of 18 children, who threateningly swung a Samurai sword above his head and injured someone he'd known for a year, will be back on the streets in two months.

Dwayne Terrence Donahue, 40, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and going armed to cause fear.

The Cairns District Court was told that Donahue had been holding a metre-long Samurai sword and had black fabric covering the lower half of his face when he went to a North Cairns unit complex.

He walked up to a man in a wheelchair and said, "If you do bad things you should get punished."

Donahue then jumped on a car and smashed the rear window with the sword and when the people inside screamed he pointed the sword through a rear window.

The court was told that Donahue then threatened a man, who lived at the complex and had came down to see what was going on.

"You then began swimming the sword above your head, he started moving backwards, you lunged at him with the sword and said, 'you've got to pay a debt, somebodies got to pay a debt'," Judge Tracy Fantin said.

Holding the sword with both hands, Donahue placed it against the left side of the man's neck and swung it towards his head in a side-to-side motion.

As the victim raised his hand to protect his face, the blade struck his left middle finger causing a minor injury.

"He was terrified when you were threatening him with the sword," Judge Fantin said.

"He thought he was going to die."

Judge Fantin said no explanation had been provided for the offending.

"It seems to me the circumstances are suggestive of ones where you were affected by either alcohol or drugs, or both, or had significant mental health issues," she said.

"There is no material before me about that ... I'm left with the sense that something else was going on at that time."

The court was told that at the time he committed this offending he was on bail for an attempted armed robbery in March last year to which he also pleaded guilty.

Donahue went to the home of a woman he had known for about a week armed with a real handgun demanding money.

"You pulled the handgun out of your shorts and pointed it at her head," Judge Fantin said.

She ran away and called triple-0.

The court was told that Donahue had 18 children to 13 different women.

Judge Fantin said he was a moderate risk of reoffending but accepted that he'd endured a difficult, dysfunctional and violent family environment.

Donahue has a four-page criminal history.

He was jailed for three years and had already spent 301 days in presentence custody. His parole released date is July 17 this year.

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