Man tells how he was almost tricked by PayPal scam

GIN GIN man Malcolm Taylor usually considers himself pretty internet savvy, but says he was almost fooled by an email claiming to be from online payment giant PayPal. 

"This one almost got me," he said. 

"An email came from containing a receipt for payment and there was a link to cancel payment."

Mr Taylor said initially he was upset, thinking a payment had been sent from his account, and almost clicked the link. 

"I had not purchased anything so in anger I almost clicked on it as I'm sure many would," he said. 

"Then I presume it will ask you to log in thus gaining your PayPal details."

"Don't click on link - forward it to"

Mr Taylor said the inclusion of an "inc" in the supposed PayPal address was a tell-tale sign it was a scam. 

PayPal says there are ways to work out if emails are coming from a dodgy source. 

Here are some of the signs an email is probably dodgy: 

  • Generic greetings, like "Dear user"
  • False links. Hover over a link or tap and hold it on a mobile device to see its destination
  • Wrong, out of date or out of place logos or design
  • Upsetting or urgent statements demanding you react immediately
  • Bad spelling and grammar
  • Requests for financial or personal information

Scamwatch says phishing scams are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out personal information such as your bank account numbers, passwords and credit card numbers.

They happen when a scammer contacts you out of the blue pretending to be from a legitimate business such a bank, telephone or internet service provider.

You may be contacted by email, social media, phone call, or text message.

According to the Scamwatch website, many phishing emails ask you to confirm details.

"For example, the scammer may say that the bank or organisation is verifying customer records due to a technical error that wiped out customer data," the site says.

"Or, they may ask you to fill out a customer survey and offer a prize for participating."

This man could help break and enter investigation

This man could help break and enter investigation

The man is about 30 years old with a light brown complexion

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