Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or ice.
Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or ice. kaarsten

Man stole to fend off drug suppliers

CONFESSED ice user and thief Grant Sansom says he stole jewellery and goods and burgled a Bundaberg house to pay standover "muscle men” the drug debts he owed them.

And the father of two blames a former boss on a fishing trawler for hooking him back into drug use.

Appearing in custody from jail before Bundaberg Magistrates Court, Grant Brendon Sansom, 47, pleaded guilty to stealing more than $500 worth of clothes and electrical gear from Big W, stealing a speaker, entering a dwelling and stealing a Sony PlayStation and a jewellery box on June 3, stealing jewellery (rings) from Warners Fine Jewellery store in August, having unlawful possession of suspected stolen property (ornaments), having the drug marijuana and contravening a police direction to give identification details.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt outlined the offences, saying Sansom and a woman went into Big W on June 7 and selected a shaver, hair dryer and clothes with a value of $528 and were later stopped by staff when leaving.

Sansom admitted stealing, saying they had no money to feed the family.

In an incident at a Bundaberg discount store, Sansom was seen to put a speaker down the back of his pants.

Snr Cnst Blunt said a North Bundaberg woman arrived home to discover her jewellery box and Sony PlayStation missing, a rear door forced open and a chest of drawers from inside the house out in the yard.

Police identified Sansom's fingerprints at the scene.

On August 2, he had walked into a jewellery store, lifted a glass top off a display case and stole two rings worth nearly $400.

Sansom was identified by police after a store employee took a photo of him on a mobile phone.

"He says he owed his drug dealer a large amount of money,” Snr Cnst Blunt said.

Defence lawyer Lavonda Maloy said Sansom had a significant drug addiction for most of his adult life and instructs that while working on a fishing trawler his boss gave him drugs to keep him awake and alert.

He again began using the drugs ice and cannabis.

"He was pursued by a person who supplies him the drugs. He owes a significant amount of money,” she said.

"To pay his drug debt he did the crimes.”

Mrs Maloy said Sansom says he did the burglary when being chased by drug suppliers and had been hiding in a rear unit.

While hiding, he stole and "gave the items to the muscle men to stop them pursuing him”.

"He instructs he was drug affected at the time of all his offending,” Mrs Maloy said.

Magistrate Belinda Merrin accepted Sansom stole to pay drug debts, or to pass on the stolen property to those he owed, and that he had been pursued by the drug dealers for the money.

"That is what happens when you mix with those people and use drugs. It's a reality,” Ms Merrin said.

"I'm told you were enticed back (to drug use) by a trawler supervisor to keep you and other workers awake”.

Ms Merrin sentenced Sansom to 12 months jail for the burglary and to lesser jail terms for the other offences.

He was also fined $200.

Samson must serve four months and will be released to parole in December.

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