Man stabs brother to protect mum

A MAN who allegedly stabbed his brother with a kitchen knife did it to protect his mother, the Bundaberg Magistrates Court has been told.

During his committal hearing yesterday, Paul Andrew Hennessy, 27, of Cummins Road, Branyan, faced a charge of stabbing his brother Michael Hennessy on May 14.

The court was played tapes of the defendant’s police interview, in which he described the events leading up to the confrontation with his brother.

Hennessy said he had been making dinner when his brother pushed past him and went into their mother’s bedroom.

“I had the knife in my hand because I just finished chopping the cheese up,” he said.

“I walked in and mum was crouched on the ground on the floor and he was on top of her punching into her back.”

The court was told Hennessy made a decision to stab his brother “four inches away from the spine” and shallow so he didn’t wreck any of Michael’s nerves.

“He realised he was bleeding pretty badly,” Paul said on the tape.

“He ran off screaming to call an ambulance.”

The defendant also told police Michael had a history of abusing his mother, head-butting her and yelling and screaming at her.

The court was told the brothers had been drinking in the lead-up to the incident.

But when Michael took the witness stand yesterday, he denied he was hurting his mother and said he acted in self defence.

He said he had walked into the room to tell his mother something before he left the family home to move to a different town the next day.

Michael said his mother threatened to kill him and was armed with a knife and a metal bar.

He said he grabbed her by the wrists before yelling out to his brother.

“Then there was this weird feeling; I’d never felt that before,” Michael said.

“I felt this thing hanging out of my back.”

Michael told the court his mother was a paranoid schizophrenic who refused to take medication.

When Cheryl Dent, the boys’ mother, took the stand, she admitted she had been diagnosed a schizophrenic but also said she refused to believe she had a mental illness.

Magistrate John Smith committed the case to trial in Bundaberg District Court.

Hennessy did not enter a plea.

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