Man slammed around the world for "girlfriend test"

A man's ultimate 'test' to find a suitable partner has completely backfired after he took to Twitter to share his disappointment in his current girlfriend.

Musician VJ, also known as The Liveman, shared a picture of his messy kitchen filled with dirty pots and pans, claiming that he left them there to test his new girlfriend.

He was ultimately left "extremely disappointed" when the girl left without cleaning up any of his mess.

"I invited my girlfriend for the first time ever at my place and I was extremely disappointed to be honest, she came this morning and left without even washing dishes let alone some cleaning," he wrote on Twitter.

"I thought this one was actually wife material but she entirely failed this girlfriending test."

Unsurprisingly, his post didn't go down too well, with people quick to point the problems with his plan.

"She dodged a bullet to be honest ... Imagine being with a man who thinks wife material = house help," one person wrote.

"First of all, how do u invite someone to ur home with it looking like this? ESPECIALLY when it's their first time there. U basically just told her u dirty. (I'm ignoring the blatant misogyny because, I mean, it's just tired at this point)," another said.

He later updated the post saying his girlfriend had found out about the "test" and dumped him. What a shock.

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