A court has suspended a jail sentence for Alberto Dagrezio, and he will be deported back to Italy.
A court has suspended a jail sentence for Alberto Dagrezio, and he will be deported back to Italy.

Hostel rapist kicked out of country

AN ITALIAN tourist who confessed to filming and raping unsuspecting women as they slept in Brisbane backpackers' hostels will be deported.

Alberto Dagrezio, 33, was sentenced to five years' jail by the Brisbane District Court after pleading guilty to 66 offences relating to the filming, sexual assault and rapes of 44 female tourists between May and December 2015.

The court heard over a 10 month period Dagrezio snuck into Base Backpackers in the Brisbane CBD and Bunk Backpackers in Fortitude Valley and pretended he was a guest before entering the rooms and filming women, who were either naked, semi-naked or in their underwear, as they slept.

Crown Prosecutor Christopher Cook said the 33-year-old, who had been in Australia on a student visa since 2012, would enter the hostels early in the morning or late at night and "act like he was meant to be there", despite not being a registered guest or visitor.

"He would walk around talking on his phone and leave his shoes in a common area …" he told the court.

"These are premeditated acts and, really the modus operandi shows that.

"Once he found a room he would look for females who were semi-naked or unclothed to some degree or naked and would film them …"

The court heard on two occasions Dagezio digitally raped women who were sleeping and in other instances he went into showers and sat down in neighbouring cubicles to film women under shower walls.

He also touched several women inappropriately.

Once he had made the recordings, he transferred them onto a computer, the court heard.

In December 2015, Dagrezio was seen leaving one of the hostels and was arrested.

His computer was searched by police where the recordings were located, which lead to him being charged, the court heard.

Once arrested, the 33-year-old told police he filmed the women because he was "motivated by fantasy, the desire to go against the law and break the rules".

During sentencing the court was told Dagrezio had grown up in a strict Jehovah's Witness family and had "pre-existing voyeuristic fantasies" that manifested when he moved to Brisbane in 2012 and began filming his Spring Hill housemates.

Medical reports tendered to the court showed Dagezio showed a limited capacity for "self-regulation" of his sexual proclivities.

He was sentenced to a head sentence of five years' jail, which was suspended immediately to allow for Dagezio to be deported to Italy, where he will face further investigations by Italian authorities.

"The sentence can be structured to see him deported and to ensure the Australian community is protected," Mr Cook said.

Dagezio was also ordered to serve suspended jail sentences of two years' and 12 months, but these will be served concurrently.

Convictions were recorded.

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