Hervey Bay court. Photo: Tracey Joynson
Hervey Bay court. Photo: Tracey Joynson

Man sentenced after assaulting homeowner, police

LOSING his phone and wallet was just the start of Bay man’s drugged up night that took a turn for the worse.

Jordan Eric James Bond was sentenced for a raft of offences, all connected to an incident when the 26-year-old turned up at a house in a drug infused daze.

On January 16 at 10.30pm, Bond spent the day at an unknown address drinking and taking drugs.

After leaving the house, Bond realised he had left his phone and wallet behind and went back to retrieve them.

Bond walked up to a different house and asked a man inside for his belongings back.

The man told him he was at the wrong house but due to Bond’s drunk and confused state, he refused to leave as he believed his things were inside.

The homeowner went outside to confront Bond and tell him to leave while his wife called triple-0.

The homeowner then shoved Bond, hoping to get him to leave.

Instead, Bond let himself into the house, stealing the victim’s car keys.

Bond attempted to drive the car but, while backing out of the driveway, damaged a pot plant and boundary fence.

The victim then wrestled Bond from the car.

In the process, Bond punched the man, causing him to fall and graze his elbow.

Bond was arrested shortly after.

The following day, in hospital under police guard, Bond attacked again, this time injuring a police officer by kicking him in the arm and leaving a bruise.

The homeowner wrote in a victim impact statement that, as well as the monetary loss caused by the damage, the incident left him feeling vulnerable in his own home.

Bond pleaded guilty to eight charges including stealing, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, wilful damage and serious assault causing bodily harm.

The young man’s defence lawyer said the offending was the result of an ongoing crippling drug addiction, which started after a traumatic assault on the man when he was 14.

Judge Michael Rackemann described the offending as serious but unsophisticated.

While sentencing, he noted Bond’s 12-page criminal history, dating back to his teenage years.

Bond was given a head sentence of two-and-a-half years with a parole date set for February 10, 2021.

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