IN COURT: A man has be allowed parole after supplying dangerous drugs to friends last year.
IN COURT: A man has be allowed parole after supplying dangerous drugs to friends last year.

Man on parole after continuous drug offending

A MAN has been released on parole after he supplied drugs to people on seven occasions.

Dennis Gordon, 43, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court last week to a series of offences including seven counts of supplying dangerous drugs.

Legal officer instructed by the Director of Public Prosecutions Luke Smoothy told the court the offending began on March 6 last year when Gordon was first intercepted by police at Gladstone.

After searching his car, police found scales, a glass smoking pipe and some clipseal bags and Gordon was given a notice to appear.

In April Gordon was pulled over by police again at 4am and 0.017g of meth was found in his car, as well as 1g of marijuana.

That same day, Gordon was intercepted again and police found more meth and a smoking pipe.

He was arrested and found to be driving under the influence.

Mr Smoothy told the court Gordon’s phone was seized and analysed and a series of messages revealed Gordon had supplied or offered to supply drugs to people on six different occasions.

The court heard Gordon actually supplied drugs on five occasions.

Mr Smoothy said after that Gordon had been arrested on a warrant twice for failing to appear in the Gladstone Magistrates Court.

On June 12 last year police searched Gordon’s home where they found another phone.

The phone revealed the day before the search, Gordon had supplied 0.5g of meth while he was on bail.

Mr Smoothy told the court despite being issued with a notice to appear the first time, Gordon continued offending.

He said Gordon had been found with a total of 2.224g of substance containing meth.

Gordon’s barrister Tom Polley told the court at the time of the offending his client had separated from his partner.

Mr Polley said during that time Gordon became involved in the party scene for the first time since he was a teenager.

Mr Polley told the court Gordon was offered drugs at a party one night and that they made him feel “young, fit and bulletproof”.

He said Gordon’s offending was out of character and there was no commerciality alleged.

Mr Polley told the court Gordon had only shared the drugs with friends.

Judge Jennifer Rosengren took into account Gordon’s plea of guilty and accepted it came at an early opportunity.

Judge Rosengren took into account the entries on Gordon’s criminal history were dated and irrelevant.

She said general deterrence was a paramount consideration, as was personal deterrence when sentencing.

“You hit the party scene and did it in a fairly spectacular way,” she said.

“This seems to suggest things were spiralling out of control for you.

“I hope that you truly understand from your brief encounter with this, that the highly addictive nature of these drugs and also that drugs ruin lives.

“You are a mature man, you know from this that you certainly have the potential to be addicted to it and you need to do whatever you can to stay away because if you get involved in this again, on thing is for sure and it’s going to be a downward spiral for you.”

Gordon was sentenced to two years imprisonment and was granted immediate parole.

He was also disqualified from driving for six months.

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