The man pleaded guilty to wounding his friend.
The man pleaded guilty to wounding his friend. dimid_86

Man stabs mate with hunting knife over jealousy around wife

A MAN has been jailed after he used a hunting knife to wound a man he knew after tension and jealousy developed between them.

Daniel James Shane McAuley pleaded guilty to one count of wounding in the Bundaberg District Court on Thursday.

Crown prosecutor Steven Dickson told the court tension between McAuley and the complainant arose after McAuley was told the complainant had been talking to his wife behind his back.

Tension and jealousy continued to flow in the time leading up to the incident.

McAuley and the complainant both went away to the Gold Coast with their partners in December last year.

Mr Dickson told the court during the trip there was some "strange behaviour" relating to the relationship of the four.

In the early morning of December 11, the complainant saw McAuley sitting out the front of his house on a park bench.

The victim went outside to talk to McAuley before going back inside.

McAuley then moved onto the property and went to various locations around the property.

Mr Dickson said McAuley then approached the complainant on the balcony of the house and was holding a hunting.

"He demanded to know what occasions the complainant had snuck off with the defendant's wife," he said.

The court heard the complainant than began to back off into the corner of the balcony.

McAuley then followed and placed the knife against the inside of the complainant's right arm and pressed the knife against it and into the skin causing a wound to the elbow.

"The defendant moved the blade around and held it to many parts of the complainant's body being his throat, kidneys, heart and chest," Mr Dickson said.

The victim tried to calm McAuley but was threatened by the defendant who said he'd burn his house down.

Mr Dickson said the defendant was eventually calmed down and said something concerning about "how good it would be to stick a knife in someone".

The court heard the victim ended up driving McAuley to his house while he was bleeding.

Police were then called when McAuley's wife came home and saw the two together.

Mr Dickson said of the three entries in McAuley's history there were no offences that were of a like nature.

He said alcohol was at the root of a lot of the prior offending and was again a factor in the incident he was being sentenced for.

Mr Dickson said the matter was listed to be dealt with in the previous District Court sittings but McAuley failed to appear and a warrant was released.

He said the victim didn't want McAuley to get into trouble or go to jail.

McAuley was found and taken into custody on February 19.

McAuley's barrister Nick Larter told the court he did not cavil with the submissions made by the prosecution.

Mr Larter said since being in custody his client had made contact with Bridges to express his desire to get help with his substance abuse.

He said McAuley and his partner were in a defacto relationship for 14 years and had children.

Mr Larter said his client's long-term goal was to move to New South Wales to live with his sister and obtain work.

Judge Vicki Loury took into account McAuley's plea of guilty and described the offence as "irrational".

"The complainant thought you were going to kill him," she said.

"The offence is a serious one, you were armed with a dangerous weapon, you were intoxicated by alcohol and other drugs, you were acting irrationally before and after you wounded the complainant which highlights the danger you presented to the community when you're in that state."

Judge Loury said she accepted McAuley was sorry for what he did and the fact the complainant said he did not wish to see McAuley go to jail.

McAuley was sentenced to two years imprisonment with a parole release date of June 19, 2020.

29 days of pre-sentence custody was declared as time served.

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