Man jailed for house break-in

A MAN has been jailed after he broke into a home and stole a mobile phone a week after getting out of prison.

Raymond George Jenkins, 18, of Bundaberg faced Bundaberg District Court yesterday charged with burglary and attempted stealing.

The court was told Jenkins went to a woman’s home about 7.30pm on June 7 to confront her about his belief that she had been an informant who played a part in sending him to jail.

She was not home, so Jenkins cut through some fly-screen on the windows and stole her mobile phone.

“Any householder feels violated by that, and such a feeling could only be worse in this situation because (the victim) knew you and knew the background between you,” Judge Leanne Clare said.

A couple of days prior, Jenkins attempted to shoplift DVDs.

The court was told Jenkins had had a troubled upbringing and that his entire adult life had been spent in custody, having turned 18 last November behind prison bars.

His criminal history included burglary and robbery offences.

Defence counsel Julie Sharp said her client had been consistently punished for his behaviour.

“They are relatively minor offences compared to some of his criminal conduct,” she said.

Judge Clare said during her sentencing remarks that Jenkins was resistant to the efforts of the Department of Child Safety to help him and resistant to the supervision of parole.

“In my opinion, given your history and the fact you committed yet another burglary, the only appropriate sentence... is six months in prison,” she said.

Jenkins, who pleaded guilty, was given 30 days for the attempted stealing and six months for the burglary, to run concurrently.

After revoking some Children’s Court orders and replacing them with adult punishments, Judge Clare set Jenkins’ parole date for March 28.

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