Man jailed for cop hit

AN Agnes Water man who punched a police officer in the face as he tried to issue him a speeding ticket faced Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday.

The court was told Paul William Braun, 43, was driving on Rosedale Road when South Kolan Sergeant Peter Clarke pulled him over for doing 116kmh in a 100kmh zone.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Braun began to act aggressively towards the police officer.

“Because of the severity of the verbal aggression, he withdrew to his police vehicle and called for assistance,” Sgt Stevens said.

Sgt Clarke then saw Braun tampering with the police car’s tyres and aerial.

As the other officer arrived, Sgt Clarke tried again to give Braun the speeding ticket but backed off when the man got aggressive once more.

“(Braun) struck the police officer with his fist, causing his glasses to break and cut the area between his right eye and nose,” Sgt Stevens said.

The court was told the second police officer drew his Taser and Braun ran away.

The police officer chased him for about 300m before arresting the man.

Braun pleaded guilty to serious assault and obstructing police following the November 5 attack.

Defence lawyer Matthew Messenger said it was out of character for his client, tendering character references to Magistrate Jennifer Batts.

The lawyer said Braun did not have a criminal history for violent offences.

Ms Batts said although Braun had served time in prison since the offence because of a suspended prison sentence, she would order the jail time for the serious assault charge be added to time already served.

“You have assaulted a police officer in the ordinary course of traffic duties, inexplicably,” she said.

Ms Batts convicted and sentenced Braun to four months in prison, with his parole date set for March 12.

He was also ordered to pay $400 compensation to Sgt Clarke for the broken glasses.

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