A MAN who wrote that his neighbours did not deserve to live before going to their family home and kicking in a locked front door has been freed on bail less than 24 hours after the terrifying ordeal.

A police objection to bail tendered in Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday said Glenn Brian Tidyman, 43, wrote a last will and testament on Thursday and left it on his phone for his wife.

"He stated in a last will and testament that the neighbour's didn't deserve to live," the bail objection read.

"He further stated that he went to the address to die."

	Glenn Brian Tidyman, 43, leaves Maroochydore Watch House after being granted bail on charges of common assault and entering a dwelling with intent by break at night using violence.
Glenn Brian Tidyman, 43, leaves Maroochydore Watch House after being granted bail on charges of common assault and entering a dwelling with intent by break at night using violence. Che Chapman

The court heard the fly-in fly-out mine worker had known his neighbours, a family of five, for about a year and they had been friends during at least some of that time.

"The relationship soured in recent months and the victims believe that the defendant's mental health may be deteriorating," the objection read.

Police said Tidyman was driven to his Skyring Ck Rd home at Federal by his step-son about 5pm Thursday after being involved in a car crash.

"The defendant had been drinking over the course of the day and appeared to be intoxicated."

The objection said Tidyman had a rifle and a shotgun at his home, both of which were registered to him and he was licensed to possess.

"Immediately prior to this current incident, the defendant went to his back shed, unlocked a safe, removed both weapons and was in the process of grabbing ammunition when his wife stopped him.

"The defendant indicated to her that he was going to attend the neighbour's house and it is believed that he intended to do so with the weapons."

Tidyman did walk next door, but not with the guns.

"His wife and stepson were following him and trying to stop him."

A 16-year-old girl inside the home heard a male voice outside about 6pm and yelled out to her father, who went outside to speak to Tidyman.

Police said he had to run around behind a car to avoid Tidyman.

Tidyman's wife told police her husband threw a punch at the man but it did not connect.

The man and Tidyman's wife then yelled to the family inside to lock the doors, which a woman her daughter did.

Tidyman was carrying some sort of knife or screwdriver implement as he approached the house.

His wife continued to try to stop him.

"The victim yelled to his wife and children 'run, run, run'," the objection read.

The woman and her eight-year-old son started running down the hallway as Tidyman kicked and hit the door until it broke in.

He also scratched the wall near the door with the implement and smeared blood on it.

"The defendant chased the victims down the hallway of the house."

A 14-year-old daughter locked herself in her bedroom before jumping out a window to escape to a neighbour's house.

Tidyman appeared to be targeting the woman, who ran out the back towards a neighbour's house.

Her eight-year-old son was running behind her screaming.

The woman ran into a barbed wire fence in the dark, which caused bruises and scratches to her legs.

Police said Tidyman fell down the back steps, which prevented him from grabbing the victims.

The 16-year-old daughter ran under the house.

Police said Tidyman's wife and stepson were attempting to restrain him, however he got up and chased the 16-year-old under the house.

She grabbed a small metal towel rail and threw it at Tidyman.

"She was in extreme fear."

Tidyman grabbed the object and threw it back at her.

She then ran towards the front of the house.

Tidyman was later successfully restrained by his wife, stepson and other neighbours until police arrived.

Police said he said "I have come here to die" as he was being restrained on the ground.

"The victims have an extreme level of fear," the objection read.

"They are in the process of trying to find a place to live in a different town."

Tidyman sat in the dock with his head bowed for most of his appearance in court yesterday.

He pleaded guilty to entering a dwelling with intent by break at night using violence and common assault.

Duty lawyer Corey Jenkins applied for his bail on the condition Tidyman live with his father at Ninkenbah, near Hervey Bay.

Mr Jenkins said his client worked in the Middlemount area as a coal miner on a seven-days-on, seven-days-off roster.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist noted it was likely Tidyman would face more charges over the incident.

Mr Stjernqvist said he would try to alleviate concerns about granting him bail by placing conditions on Tidyman that he live with his father, report to police twice a week, not approach any of his victims and not return to Skyring Ck Rd or the town of Federal.

Tidyman was also banned from consuming any alcohol.

Outside court, a man handed Tidyman a garment to cover his face as he walked from the watch house.

Tidyman did not say anything as he got into a black four-wheel-drive before being driven away.

His matters are next due for mention on July 26.

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