Toilet roll was top of a couple's shopping list.
Toilet roll was top of a couple's shopping list. qualitygurus

Man becomes co-offender in IGA toilet roll theft

TOILET paper was at the top of the shopping list for a Gladstone couple when they walked into a Bundaberg supermarket.

Gladstone Magistrates Court was told the couple, who are no longer together, had split up at the IGA to fill separate baskets in a bid to save time.

Kim Michael Newman walked out of the store unaware he had become a co-offender in his former girlfriend's theft.

Newman yesterday pleaded guilty to one charge of stealing.

Police prosecutor Balan Selvadurai said Newman paid for his basket of groceries and headed to the car.

His partner was already in the car, but she had not paid for the pack of toilet paper that she had walked out with.

The court was told that IGA staff began to surround the locked car that she was sitting in.

Mr Selvadurai said Newman reached the car when his ex-girlfriend yelled at him to get in and drive, which he did without question.

Defence lawyer Axel Beard said at this point his client had "no idea" that his ex-partner had stolen anything, and it was only until he drove away that he noticed the workers gathering near where their car had been parked.

The items were returned to the store and no restitution was sought, Mr Beard said.

He said his client was a 35-year-old plant operator, and had little criminal history.

He said Newman was no longer in a relationship with the woman.

Magistrate Jeffrey Clarke fined Newman $200 and did not record a conviction.

Newman's ex-girlfriend's case is being heard separately to his.

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