VICTIM: Percy Pashley says his neighbour stole wine.
VICTIM: Percy Pashley says his neighbour stole wine.

Man accused of stealing neighbour's wine

A BUNDY man accused by his neighbour of helping himself to his wine after the Melbourne Cup storm knocked out his power has been refused bail after being accused of causing fear with a knife.

John Benedict Lee, 40, appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court charged with going armed so as to cause fear in Boundary St on Wednesday, November 8.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt opposed bail.

In making the bail application for Lee, lawyer Mary Buchanan said he would contest the charge, the result of an allegation by his neighbour Percy Pashley.

The court heard the men had conflicting versions of the incident.

"He has known Mr Pashley for years, since primary school, and lives across the road,” Ms Buchanan said.

"When the power was out Mr Pashley has a generator and invited my client (Lee) over to store food.”

Ms Buchanan said Mr Pashley's police statement alleged that Lee had been helping himself to his wine, "skolling it back,” which Lee said was not true. Instead, Lee said he'd been offered the wine and that Mr Pashley had said to help himself.

Lee said there had been an argument over a photo hanging on a wall, and that Mr Pashley "threw a knife at him” which he picked up and went back home, with Mr Pashley chasing him and screaming abuse.

Lee said both men were yelling, "had a bit of a dust-up” and police arrived.

However, Mr Pashley, in his police statement, said Lee had a knife in each hand - which Lee denied, saying there was only one.

Mr Pashley also alleges that Lee chased him with a piece of wood.

In her submission for bail, Ms Buchanan said if kept in custody there was a risk Lee could spend more time on remand for the offence, and lose his rental property.

"Your Honour, there were no punches thrown. No one was hurt,” Lee interjected from the dock.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring said it was a show-cause situation because of the alleged use of a knife, which he said had endangered the safety of his neighbour.

Mr Lavaring refused bail and adjourned the matter to December

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