Bail refused for man accused of punching his mum in the face

A RACEVIEW man has been accused of assaulting his own mother then trashing her unit.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, stood in the dock charged with breaching a domestic violence order.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said the alleged assault was triggered by an argument over money between the man and his mother.

Sgt Dick said the 27-year-old had been verbally abusing his mum.

When the woman asked her son to leave her Raceview unit, he allegedly charged at her and pushed her onto the ground.

Once the mother stood back up, the man punched her in the mouth.


Sgt Dick said the force of the alleged blow caused the victim to fall through a doorway and hit her head on a hard object.

The son then stood over his mother the doorway and threatened her.

After that he threw a series of items around the unit including a television, pottery vases and even a clothes dryer and left the address.

The alleged incident took place about 8pm on May 23. The man was located by police on June 25.

The man was also charged for seven unrelated offences which included drug possession and stealing.

In applying for bail, the man's defence lawyer John Tapp said his client disputed the allegations.

Mr Tapp said his client claimed his mother had actually assaulted him instead.

"The proposed circumstances will come out in the trial," he said.

Mr Tapp said his client lived with his partner and their three children.

He said the man's risk of re-offending could be managed with strict bail conditions, which included no contact with his mother.

Magistrate Stuart Shearer noted the man had prior convictions for offences of violence, dishonesty and drug offending.

"This man's alleged to have committed this serious act of violence and since then there are further allegations of other offences," he said. "That's an issue."

Mr Tapp said his client was currently serving an "onerous" punishment of a two-year suspended sentence for past offences.

"What's onerous about that?" Mr Shearer asked.

"All he has to do is not commit criminal offences for two years.

"That's something every law-abiding citizen is required to do."

Mr Shearer said the man posed an "unacceptable" risk of re-offending and refused bail.

The domestic violence breach was adjourned to November 27. The other seven offences were adjourned to October 2.

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