Man jailed for knifing his mother

A MAN who attacked his mother with a knife and trashed her house had to be stopped with capsicum spray and put in a padded cell after a drunken rampage.

Police were called to a Burnett Heads home about 3pm on November 3, where Samuell Joseph Slater’s mother said her son had cut her with a knife several times.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said officers noticed shallow cuts and scratches on the woman’s forearm, ear and stomach.

The mother and her 23-year-old son became involved in an argument and Slater told his mother, “I’m going to stab you”.

Sgt Stevens said after the man had attacked his mum, he had ripped the fridge door off its hinges, upturned a dining table and couch, punched a hole in the wall, thrown items around the house and pulled two more doors from hinges before leaving.

An officer found Slater in Hampson Street.

Believing he was still carrying the knife, the lone officer asked Slater to take his hands out of his pockets and get on the ground several times, but he refused.

Sgt Stevens said the officer had to draw his firearm to make Slater comply, but he then began headbutting and kicking the windows of the police car as he was being escorted to the watchhouse.

“Police warned the defendant he would be capsicum sprayed if he continued trying to break the windows,” he said.

He told the officer he was going to continue so he “may as well spray me now”.

Despite being subdued by capsicum spray for a short time, Slater continued to headbutt the car and windows of his cell at the watchhouse and was eventually put in a padded cell for his own protection.

Slater faced Bundaberg Magistrates Court for sentencing yesterday and pleaded guilty to charges of assault causing bodily harm, obstructing police and wilful damage.

Barrister Nick Larter said Slater’s mother had raised him in an environment of violence and alcoholism.

“She must bear some responsibility for the young man Mr Slater has found himself being,” Mr Larter said.

He said the mother and son had been drinking together before the argument broke out.

“He describes his relationship with his mother as a poisonous and destructive one,” the barrister said.

Magistrate Jennifer Batts resentenced Slater to a probation order he breached, ordering him to complete 14 months on probation.

He was also sentenced to nine months’ jail for the assault and two months’ jail for the remaining charges, to run concurrently, with 28 days declared served. His parole release was ordered for March 24.

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