DANGEROUS DRIVING: The Glass House Liberal National Party branch wants phone confiscated if drivers are caught using them.
DANGEROUS DRIVING: The Glass House Liberal National Party branch wants phone confiscated if drivers are caught using them.

Calls to take phones off motorists talking while driving

DRIVERS using their mobiles without hands-free equipment will have their phones confiscated until their fine is paid if one LNP branch has its way.

The Glass House Liberal National Party branch will push for the party to accept its motion when members gather for the LNP state convention from Friday to Sunday.


But the branch suggests if a re-elected LNP government implements the plan, the offenders keep their SIM card when the phone is taken.

The current penalty for driving while using a mobile phone includes additional demerit points for a second or subsequent mobile phone offence within one year.

The LNP state parliamentary party said any penalty changes would need to deter drivers as well as strike a balance between penalties, education and awareness campaigns.

Should mobile phones be taken off drivers using them without hands-free until their fine is paid?

This poll ended on 30 July 2015.

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Yes, it will teach them a lesson


No, how ridiculous, what's the point?


I'm not sure


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

It is one of more than 50 resolutions the branches, Young LNP, LNP Women and parliamentary standing committee have put forward for debate.

The Maroochydore branch wants the party to develop a public education strategy explaining the LNP's philosophy, goals and achievements "to counter misinformation spread by our opponents".

Road safety seems to be high on the agenda for most members, with the Redlands branch requesting the LNP introduce a road rules theory test for people renewing licences.

But the branch members believe the LNP should only implement it if the plan would not cost taxpayers, including those renewing their licences.

The state parliamentary party warned this could be considered an additional red tape burden and the LNP was not aware of proof ongoing driving theory tests ensured more safe drivers.

The Young LNP's call to ditch mandatory bicycle helmet laws for adults looks unlikely to get up as the previous LNP Government rejected a proposal on this.

Overwhelming evidence found it safer to wear a helmet, the state parliamentary party said.

The Noosa branch will put forward a motion against the Australian Government signing "any binding agreement that jeopardises Australian national sovereignty" at a UN conference later this year.

LNP agenda chair Sue Quinn wrote in the conference list of events that the resolutions showed members were keen to improve the party as well as criticise.

She said the convention, which Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss and state Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg will attend, provided for "grassroots members" to have their say.

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