Mail confusion causes stalker case delays

QUEENSLAND'S highest court has warned a convicted stalker to check his mail properly after his case could not proceed on Monday.

David Merton George Cox was convicted and fined $2000 after a trial earlier this year for stalking a cleaner at his Caloundra apartment block at Grand Pacific.

He represented himself at the Court of Appeal on Monday seeking to overturn the conviction.

He told the three justices that he had not received the bulk of legal documents for the case and blamed university students who had been staying with him.

The justices adjourned to discuss whether to grant an adjournment and check whether the legal documents had been sent to Mr Cox.

After almost an hour they returned to the courtroom and clarified the documents were posted to Mr Cox's listed post office box and that someone had signed for the documents as having received them.

But Mr Cox claimed it was not him who signed for them.

"I haven't seen it ... I do have a couple of university students from Nepal staying with me and one of them might have got that letter but I haven't seen it," he said.

Justice Jean Dalton said he had given the court the post office box address and that the court had to have certainty.

"And you're right, it ought not to have been collected without you signing for it," she said. "So other people, including your roommates, should not be going down to the post office to collect post from your post office address.

"So you make sure the duration of this proceeding that you do collect from that post office. It's no excuse to say that someone else might have."

The Court of Appeal case has been adjourned until a date to be fixed.


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