Boats in Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island.
Boats in Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island.

Magnetic Island drifting away from mainland, scientists say

A BRIDGE over to Magnetic Island has been ruled out by council, after they revealed the island is drifting from the mainland.

"Recently, regular Magnetic Island ferry users contacted Townsville City Council and claimed that Magnetic Island seemed to be farther away than it did previously. We listened to your concerns and investigated in co-operation with SeaLink Queensland," Townsville City Council posted via social media.

"A SeaLink Queensland study had found that the difference in travel time between Townsville and Maggie Island has been caused by the slowly increasing distance between the Island and the mainland. Previously, the increase in time difference was caused by a change in terminal over a decade ago."

A Townsville City Council scientist discovered that Magnetic Island was on its own tectonic plates making it separate to the Australian continent.

"This new study has shown that Maggie Island has started to slowly drift away from the mainland," the council said.

"This slow drift from the mainland is why council can't build a bridge between the mainland and Magnetic Island.

"Unfortunately, this potential 'game changing' project for our community has to be ruled out due to engineering and cost issues."

Of course, a few punters were quick to realise the date on today's calendar: And this was just one of many April Fools' Day stories doing the rounds on social media.

Other favourites included:


Dream job at The Ville

The team at The Ville Resort-Casino sure had tongues wagging when they posted an advertisement for a dream gig in their team.

The position was labelled a "Customer Comfort Executive" and duties included "pillow and mattress assessments, intensive bathtub testing, daily sun lounge and cabana checks … menu sampling and cocktail tasting and quality control".

The ad may have lured some, but the email address to send your resume gave it away immediately:


An end to funny front pages

Our friends and crocodile capital rivals over the border at the NT News announced this morning they were putting an end to their funny front pages.

Editor Matt Williams said the days of headlines like 'Why I've got a cracker up my clacker' and 'Why I've got some sticky near my dicky' had come to a close.

He said he might reconsider his position if one million people sign a petition saying they wanted the funny front pages to continue.



Ibis. Picture Glenn Hampson
Ibis. Picture Glenn Hampson


Some of the other gems from around the country include:

Bin chicken display

Sydney's WILD LIFE zoo announced their latest exhibit would be a bin chicken display. They claimed to have hired a "senior bin chicken keeper" Emma Malik who said the zoo was responding to high demand from guests.


Wotif's Emu Airlines

Wotif claimed to launch Emu Airlines - the world's first airline catering exclusively to tall people.

With Emu Airlines, Wotif introduced two classes: budget-friendly Emuconomy seats and luxurious Daddy Long Legs double suites (which include two premium-sized seats that can be folded down together to create a king-sized bed), non-squishy seats with Emuconomy offering 101.6cm of pitch between rows (usually around 78cm) and extra tall seat backs with built-in travel pillows for enhanced neck support.


Audible for fish

The team at Audible said they had launched Audible for Fish - a three-second audiobook designed to keep our scaly friends company while we aren't at home, as research has shown fish are stimulated by short bursts of audio.

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